Four key actions that every person can do to stay safe around water: 

  • Know your limits 
  • Only swim during the day and in well-lit areas 
  • Never swim alone
  • Look after your mates
The love of water is strongly integrated into Australian society. Our warm weather and the majority of the population living near aquatic locations has lead to drowning being one of the most common ‘external cause of death’ in Australia. This love for a swim and a strong drinking culture can possibly create a fatal concoction. 

Drinking alcohol in, on and around water will significantly increase the risk of drowning. The alarming number of deaths among 15-24 year olds led to the Royal Life Saving Society WA establishing the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign in 2004.The campaign aims to reduce the number of alcohol related drowning deaths and injuries in this high-risk age group by educating and promoting the Don’t Drink and Drown messages. 

When a young life is cut short due to drowning the impact of that death is felt throughout the community, with their friends and family living with the aftermath everyday. Drowning as a result of excessive alcohol consumption is preventable and it is the role of both the person themselves and their friends to reduce the risk.